ESP Design is a professional design initiative.

We are inspired by and specialise in Architecture, Photography and Design.

Our driving principle is to provide contextual specific design solutions that exceed our clients’ needs.

Our Approach

A strong, simple and clearly defined concept forms the foundation of all ESP’s work. We come to intuitively understand the potential of the site and client requirements in such a way that our buildings and the spaces between and around them re-present the poetry of the location. We strive to create architecture that is balanced within it’s context, buildings that become part of their natural setting, never outshining nor being overshadowed.

The word ‘style’ per se does not interest us. ESP strives to make architecture that is enriched by the innate uniqueness of location and landscape, the movement of the sun, changes of the weather and the precise and sensuous choice of materials.

By taking a wide range of climatic conditions into consideration, observing changes in seasonal solar inclination and addressing natural cross ventilation, our projects work with the first principals of energy efficiency and sustainability. This together with our attention to the disciplines surrounding the built environment is integral to creating a dialogue between the architecture, landscape and interior design so that all disciplines are viewed holistically.

All of our building projects are conceptualized, designed, drawn up, documented, supervised on site and finally photographed exclusively by ourselves. We also do our own marketing and web page design. In so doing we take sole responsibility for every project, in every detail, from conception to completion. Our passion and love for what we do is evident in every project.

Edward Peinke - Professional Architect

Edward Peinke holds a B.BdgA and M Arch from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. His fourth year at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth was spent as an exchange student in Belgium at the University of Hasselt where he had the opportunity of travelling extensively throughout Europe. He gained further experience for a number of architectural firms during his studies, including BNM Architects in Bhisho in 2003, for PLAN 80 - Planungsgruppe für Architektur and Städtebau, in Berlin, Germany during 2003 and 2004, and also at Intsika Architects in East London in 2005.

After finishing his studies in 2007 he returned to Germany to work another six months for PLAN 80. Back in South Africa Edward joined NATIVE Architecture in July 2008 where he was extensively involved in the design and coordination of the UFH New Teaching Facility in the East London CBD. He is on the committee at the Border-Kei Institute of Architects, heading up Communications and Promotions. And 2010 saw him join NOA Architects where he continues to strive to the goal of making a positive difference in South Africa’s society through architecture.

Parallel to this he continues with his passion for excellent Architecture and Design through ESP Design.

On the 25th of October 2013, working under NOA Architects, he was awarded a Regional Award for Architecture for his Auditorium Building in Alice.

Svenja Peinke - Professional Architect

Svenja studied in Berlin, Germany and UPE in Port Elizabeth